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Discover our wire conveyor system and Twister!

Our film not only shows the innovative technology behind these systems, but also their ease of use and efficiency.

Experience how wire feeding systems revolutionise production processes and ensure smooth wire feeding that leads to perfect welding results.

Twister: The solution to knot formation during welding!

During barrel removal, the Twister exerts a targeted mechanical counterforce on the wire to equalise the residual tension. By dynamically adapting to the wire feed speed, the Twister guarantees a tension-free wire at all times and thus ensures optimum welding results.

Say goodbye to
production interruptions
and welcome the new era
of efficient welding!

Smooth processes with Maxiglide!

With a total of 304 rolls per metre, the system enables virtually tension-free wire feeding. The large wire diameter range of 0.8 mm to 4.0 mm allows the system to be used with a variety of welding consumables – solid wires, cored wires, flux-cored wires and thanks to user-friendly quick connectors, installation and handling has never been easier.

MaxiGlide, your system for efficient
efficient wire feeding!

SmartBooster: To give your system the boost it needs!

A wire feed motor often reaches its limits with very long or challenging conveyor sections. Instead of the time-consuming installation of a push-pull system, with the SmartBooster we offer an intelligent stand-alone solution that fits into your existing wire feed system.

No complex synchronisation, but free software updates for life, self-explanatory user interface, drum fill level monitoring, recording of productivity data and much more.